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New York Breweries / Beer Bottling companies

Addison, NY antique beer bottles

Addison Brewing Company

Albany, NY antique beer bottles

Albany Brewing Company

Anderson & Company Home Brewed Ale

Beverwyck Brewing Company

Cook & Meutsch Weiss Bier

Dobler Brewery

Dobler Lager

The Hedrick Brewing Company

F. Hinckel's Sparkling Lager

F. Hinckel's Sparkling Lager Beer

Hinckel Brewery Company

Hinckel Brewing Company

George W. Hoxsie's Premium Beer

Kirchner Brewing Company

E. C. Rosche A.B.C. Sparkling Lager

Schindler's Brilliant Lager

Schindler's Lager Beer Brewery

George Weber Weiss Beer

A. C. & G. F. Weber Weiss Beer

Weber's Star Bottling Works Weiss Beer

Weber's Weiss Beer

Amsterdam, NY antique beer bottles

Bowlers Rhinegold Lager

Auburn, NY antique beer bottles

Ehrman Brewing Company

Fanning's Waldsohlossohen Lager

James Holmes Weiss Beer

C. A. Koenig Brewery

Lucas Brothers Weiss Beer

Rochester Lager

The Sutcliffe Brewing Company

Ausable Forks, NY antique beer bottles

Smith & Prime Boss Lager

Batavia, NY antique beer bottles

William Gamble Brewery

Binghamton, NY antique beer bottles

Bartholomay Beer

Joseph Laurer Brewing Company

Brooklyn, NY antique beer bottles
(College Point, Evergreen, Green Point, Long Island)

Apfel's Golden Horn Brewing Company

N. Benjamin Son Zenith Brew

William Bishop Bottled Lager Bier

Breitkopf Brewing Company

Joseph Breitkopf Brewing Company

Brooklyn Garden Lager Bier

The Brunnemer Bottling Company Lager Beer

Brunnemer & Company Lager Beer

Fred Brunnemer Lager Beer

Budweiser Brewing Company Limited

The Claus - Lipsius Brewing Company

Congress Brewing Company Limited Table Beer

Consumers Star Brewing Company

Creedmoor Beer

Danenberg & Coles Extra Wiener Beer

H. Derenthal Weiss Beer

Peter Doelgers Lager Beer

J. M. Donnelly Regal Lager Beer

The Eastern Brewing Company

Joseph Eppig Brewery

Leonard Eppig's Germania Brewery

Eurich Brewing Company

Eurich's Brewery

Conrad Eurich's Brewery

Excelsior Bottled Lager Bier

Excelsior Lager Bier

Excelsior Brewing Company

Joseph Fallert Brewing Company Limited

Federal Brewing Company

The Frank Brewery

William H. Frank Brewing Company

Frese & Urff Brewery

Garden Brewery Bottling Company

Golden Horn Brewing Company

Graetzer Beer Brewery

William Guenther Weiss Bier

Herrmann & Mannel Lager Beer

Otto Huber Brewery

Frank Ibert Brewing Company

Henry Immen Weiss Bier

Henry Immen's Sons Weiss Bier

India Wharf Brewing Company

Kloster Brewery

Leavy and Britton Brewing Company

Phillip Leibinger Brewing Company

The Leibinger Brewing Company

S. Leibmann's Sons Brewing Company

Long Island Brewery

Malcom Brewing Company

Anton Mannel Lager Beer

Anton Mannel Lager Bier

Meltzer Brothers Brewing Company

John Menninger Weiss Beer

John Meurer Weiss Bier

Leonard Michel Brewing Company

Minck Brothers & Company Lager Beer

Modoc Beer

F. Moesmer Washington Brewery

Ferdinand Munch Brewery Company

Nassau Brewing Company

New York and Brooklyn Brewing Company

North American Brewing Company

North Side Brewery

Ernest Ochs Aetna Brewery

Ernest Ochs Brewery

H. Ostermann Lager Beer

Prospect Park Brewery

John Reimers Weiss Bier

Theo Rommeney Lager Beer

Adolf Schmidt's Kloster Brewery

F. J. Steenwerth Cincinnati Bottled Lager Beer

Stehlin & Breitkopf Evergreen Brewery

Strasser & Schwing Brewer Weiss Bier

John F. Trommer Evergreen Brewery

Trommer's Evergreen Brewery

Washington Brewery

Welz & Zerweck Brewers

Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery

Frederick W. Witte Weiss Bier

Buffalo, NY antique beer bottles

M. Beck Brewing Company

Bellweiser Buffalo Brewing Company

Broadway Brewing Company

Buffalo Ale and Porter Brewing Company

Buffalo Co-Op Brewing Company

Buffalo Weiss Beer Company

Clinton Star Brewery

Consumers Brewery

Eagle Beer Company

East Buffalo Brewing Company

C. Fisher & Company Weiss Beer

Fisher Cole Weiss Beer

Gambrinus Brewing Company

German American Brewing Company

German American Lager Beer and Bottling Company

Germania Brewing Company

Goebel's Beer

Hydraulic Brewing Company Weiss Beer

The International Brewing Company

Iroquois Brewing Company

Kaltenbach Brewing Company

Lake View Brewing Company

Gerhard Lang Brewery

Gerhard Lang's Buffalo Lager

The Lion Brewery

A. Muehlbauer Berliner Weiss Beer

A. Muehlbauer Weiss Beer

Mullbauer & Company Berlin Weiss Beer

Pabst Brewing Company

Queen City Brewing Company

George Roos Excelsior Lager

George Roos Excelsior Lager Beer

The John Schusler Brewing Company

J. L. Schwartz Brewing Company

Star Brewery

Sturman & Hall Extra Lager

V. L. Tiphaine Stock Lager

Weiss Beer Brewing Company

The Wortman Company Ales & Beer

Ziegele Brewing Company

Canaan, NY antique beer bottles

J. B. Losty Brewery

Canadaigua, NY antique beer bottles

McKechnie's Lager

J. & A. McKechnie Brewing Company

Canajoharie, NY antique beer bottles

Bierbauer Brewing Company

Clifton, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Clifton Park, NY antique beer bottles

R. Werner Half Moon Brewery

Coeymans, NY antique beer bottles

J. V. S. DeFriest Weiss Bier

College Point, NY antique beer bottles

see Brooklyn

Coney Island Point, NY antique beer bottles

see Brooklyn

Concord, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Dansville, NY antique beer bottles

National Brewing Company

Schwarzenbach Brewing Company

Dobbs Ferry, NY antique beer bottles

Anchor Brewing Company

Biegens Dobbs Ferry Lager Beer

Manilla Anchor Brewing Company

Dolgeville, NY antique beer bottles

Dolgeville Bottling Works Crystal Spring Lager

Dunkirk, NY antique beer bottles

The A. Dotterweich Brewing Company

Fred Koch Brewery

Lake City Brewery

Ellenville, NY antique beer bottles

The John Kuhlmann Brewing Company

Elmira, NY antique beer bottles

Elmira Brewing Company

Union Brewing Company

Evergreen, NY antique beer bottles

see Brooklyn

Fort Wadsworth, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Fultonville, NY antique beer bottles

Crystal Spring Lager

Geneva, NY antique beer bottles

Geneva Brewing Company

Glen Falls, NY antique beer bottles

P. C. Linehan Yuengling Lager

Gloversville, NY antique beer bottles

Haberle Lager

Green Point, NY antique beer bottles

see Brooklyn

Greenridge, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Greenwich, NY antique beer bottles

W. A. Harrington Weiss Beer

Haverstraw, NY antique beer bottles

Thomas Finegan Beer

Thomas Finegan Weiss Beer

Harlem, NY antique beer bottles

see New York

Hempstead, NY antique beer bottles

E. Matthews Lager Beer

E. Matthews Son's Lager Beer

Pflug & Ackley Lager Beer

Hornellsville, NY antique beer bottles
(also Hornell)

Schwarzenbach Brewing Company

Hudson, NY antique beer bottles

The Granger Brewing Company

Jamestown, NY antique beer bottles

Jamestown Brewing Company

Keeseville, NY antique beer bottles

Milwaukee Lager Bottled By McAloon Brothers

Kinderhook, NY antique beer bottles

Alexander's Excelsior Beer

Lancaster, NY antique beer bottles

Lancaster Brewing Company

LeRoy, NY antique beer bottles

Thomas McKeon Bartholomay Beer

Lockport, NY antique beer bottles

A. J. Beccue Bohemiam Lager

Lock City Brewing Company

Lockport Brewing Company

J. B. Naismith Lager Beer

Union Brewing Company

Long Island, NY antique beer bottles

see Brooklyn

Mamaroneck, NY antique beer bottles

The Ebling Brewing Co

Manhattan, NY antique beer bottles

see New York

Mechanicville, NY antique beer bottles

Saratoga Brewing Company

Werner Brewing Company

Middletown, NY antique beer bottles

Burton Brewing Company

Orange County Brewery

New York, NY antique beer bottles
(Harlem and Manhattan)

Anchor Brewing Company

Anhueser Busch Brewing Association

Bartholomay Brewery Company

Bavarian Star Brewing Company

Beadleston & Woerz Empire Brewery

R. & W. Bender Weiss Bier

Bergner & Engel Brewing Company

Charles Beutel Weiss Beer

John F Betz Manhattan Brewery

M. W. Borbein's Manhattan Weiss Beer

Broe & Gorman Weiss Beer

Central Brewing Company

The Central Park Brewery

Clausen - Flanagan Brewery

H. Clausen & Son Brewing Company

Colonial Brewery

Day & Brother Weiss Beer

Peter Doelgers Lager Beer

John H. Doerrbecker Lager Beer Brewery

John H. Doerrbecker White Beer Brewery

Duhme & Meyer Lager Beer

The Ebling Brewing Company

Phillip & William Ebling Brewing Company

Ehret's Lager

George Ehret's Lager Beer

George Ehret's N.Y. Beer

The John Eichler Brewing Company

The Henry Elias Brewing Company

J. Engelhart Weiss Bier

George Esselborn Weiss Beer

James Everard's Breweries

Henry Evers Weiss Bier

First Austrian Beer Bottling Company

Fred. Frank & Company Weiss Beer

Louis Freimann Weiss Bier Brewery

Carl Frommhold Excelsior Lager Bier

G. Grenhart Bottled Lager Bier

M. Groh's Sons Extra Lager Beer

M. Groh's Sons Inc. West Side Brewery

H. Gutersloh Lager Beer Depot

Gus. C. Hertel Weiss Bier

Howard & Childs Brewers

A. Hupfel's Sons Lager Beer

Huss & Brother Celebrated Lager

Karl Hutter XLCR Lager

Jefferson Beer Bottling Company

Jetter Brewing Company Lager Beer

W. C. Katzenberger Weiss Beer

Knief & Mittelsdorf Lager Bier

A. Koch Weiss Bier

A. Koch's Sons Weiss Bier

H. Koehler & Company Brewers

H. Koehler & Company Fidelio Beer

Koster & Bial Cabinet Lager Beer

The John Kress Brewing Company

S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Company

Lion Brewery

Valentine Loewer Lager Bier

Valentine Loewer Weiss Bier

Valentine Loewer's Gambrinus Brewery Company

Manhattan Brewery

Mannel & Neumer Lager Beer

J. Marquardt Weiss Bier

F. Martens Berliener Weiss Beer Brewing Company

David Mayer Brewing Company

Meltzer Brothers Brewing Company

Monte Cristo Bottling Company Canada Malt Beer

Mussel & Company Weiss Bier

Ferdinand Neumer Inc. Lager Beer

Ferdinand Neumer Lager Beer

New York Lager Beer

New York Weiss Beer

Norris's Beer

North Side Brewing Company

O. K. Bottling Company Weiss Beer

Pabst Brewing Company

Piel Brothers East New York Brewery

Nathan Putter's Extra Beer

Valentine Rehberger Weiss Bier

Reichman's Beer Bottling Establishment

George Ringler & Company Brewers

Rochester Brewing Company

Jacob Rupperts New York Lager Beer

Ryberg Brothers New York Premium Lager Beer

Victor C. Ryberg Weiss Bier

St. Louis Beer

The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company

H. Spoehrer Weiss Bier

E. Springmeyer & Company Weiss Bier

E. Springmeyer White Beer Brewery

Staeheli & Freiman Weiss Bier

Conrad Stein's Brewery

Fred Stengel Lager Bier

Fred Stengel Weiss Bier

David Stevenson Brewing Company

Union Brewing Company

F. A. Viemeister Lager Beer

Henry Von Hinken Lager Beer

Henry Von Hinken & Brother Lager Beer

Herman Von Hinken Lager Beer

James Wallace & Son Brewery

John G. Weisensee & Sons Weiss Bier

A. G. Werner Weiss Beer

O. Wieland Weiss Bier

O. Wieland Weiss Bier Braurei

D. G. Yuengling Brewing Company

Zeltner Brewing Company

Henry Zeltner Lager Beer

Newburgh, NY antique beer bottles

Anchor Brewing Company

G. George Lager Beer

A. Laubenheimer Pilsner

Charles K. Leicht Highland Brewery

Modoc Beer

West End Brewing Company

New Brighton, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Niagra Falls, NY antique beer bottles

Buffalo Cooperative Brewing Company

Cataract Consumers Brewery

C. H. Gamm Lager Beer

Mayle & Gamm Export Beer

Niagara Falls Brewing Company

Spray Beer

Normansville, NY antique beer bottles

Fred Hinckel Weiss Beer

Northville, NY antique beer bottles

Haberle Brewing Company

Olean, NY antique beer bottles

Dotterweich Brewing Company

Oriskany Falls, NY antique beer bottles

Oriskany Falls Brewery

Oswego, NY antique beer bottles

Nacey & Flanigan Bottlers Weiss Beer

Ontario Brewing Company

Oswego German Brewing Company

Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

Plattsburg, NY antique beer bottles

Champlain Brewing Company

Merkel & Kahner Bass Lager

Merkel's Boss Lager

Isaac Merkel Boss Lager

I. Scheier Excelsior Lager Bier

J. Scheier Excelsior Lager Bier

J. A. Schiff Sparkling Lager

Port Jervis, NY antique beer bottles

The Deer Park Brewing Company

Poughkeepsie, NY antique beer bottles

V. Frank's Sons Brewers

F. Gillmann Jr. Weiss Beer

A. Schaefer Weiss Beer

Riverside, NY antique beer bottles

D. G. Yuengling Jr. Lager

Rochester, NY antique beer bottles

American Brewing Company

Bartholomay & Company Rochester Lager Beer

Bartholomay Beer

Bartholomay Brewery Company

Bartholomay Brewing Company

Bartholomay's Rochester Beer

Bartholomay's Rochester Lager

Henry L. Becker's Bottled Lager

Brand Cabinet Beer

Flower City Brewing Company

Fyfe & Drum Beer

Genesee Beer

Genesee Brewing Company

Genesee Brewing Company Bottling Department

Goulding & Company Excelsior Lager Beer

House Brothers Weiss Beer

Iron Beer Bottling Works

Klein & Hofheinz Lager Beer

Miller Brewing Company

Monroe Brewing Company Monroe Beer

Monroe King of Rochester Beer

M. Murphy Weiss Beer

Rochester Beer

Rochester Brewing Company

Union Brewing Company Bottling Works

Rome, NY antique beer bottles

James Mabbett Celebrated Weiss Beer

Rondout, NY antique beer bottles

M. Dippold Oriental Beer

George Hauck Brewing Company

George Hauck & Sons Brewing Company

John Worf Weber's Weiss Beer

Rye Neck, NY antique beer bottles

Henry Rusch Weiss Bier

D. G. Yuengling Brewing Company

Saranac Lake, NY antique beer bottles

Isaac Merkel & Son Boss Lager

Saratoga, NY antique beer bottles

Beverwyck Lager

Hinckel Brewing Company

D. G. Yuengling Jr. Brewing Company

Schenectady, NY antique beer bottles

Peter Engel's Nott Terrace Brewery

Meyers Star Brewery

Mynderse Bottling Works Weiss Bier

The Schenectady Brewing Company

Scott Brewing Company

Scott Spring Bottling Works Weiss Beer

J. H. Stock Weber's Weiss Beer

Sidney Plains, NY antique beer bottles

Russ S. Smith Sparkling Lager

Stapleton, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Staten Island, NY antique beer bottles
(Clifton, Concord, Ft. Wadsworth, Greenridge, Stapleton, Tompkinsville)

The Bachmann Brewing Company

Bachmann-Bechtel Brewing Company

Bavarian Lager Bier

The George Bechtel Brewing Company

Henry Freiman Bavarian Lager Bier

J. H. Grieme Weiss Beer

J. H. Grieme Weiss Bier

Anton Heil Bavarian Lager Bier

Frederick Menken Weiss Beer

Frederick Menken Weiss Bier

Martin Mueller Concord Brewery

Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing Company

Charles Schneider Weiss Beer

Charles Schneider Weiss Bier

Staten Island Lager Bier

Staten Island Weiss Bier Brewery

Syracuse, NY antique beer bottles

Bartels Brewing Company

Crocker & Parker Lager

Crystal Spring Brewing Company

Crystal Spring Lager

Greenway's Lager Beer

Haberle Brewing Company

Haberle and Crystal Spring Lager

Haberle Lager

Haberle's Premium Lager

Haberle's Premium Lager Beer

John J. Halloran Co. Weber's Weiss Beer

Bottled Lager By L. House

L. House Weiss Beer

L. House & Sons Weiss Beer

F. Klasi Weiss Beer

Murphy Brothers Weiss Beer

C. Murphy Weiss Beer

Thomas Ryan's Consumers Brewing Company

John F. Scanlan Weiss Beer

W. Werbofsky & L. Koplan Extra Lager

George Zett Brewery

Tarrytown, NY antique beer bottles

F. Boock Ehret's Lager

Tompkinsville, NY antique beer bottles

see Staten Island

Tonawanda, NY antique beer bottles

Tonawanda Brewing Company

Troy, NY antique beer bottles

Bartholomay's Rochester Lager

Beverwyck Lager

Carnrick Bros. Weber's Weiss Beer

Fitzgerald Bros. Brewing Company

The Isengart Brewing Company

Lion Brewery

Milwaukee Lager Bottled by H. Hilke

Quandt Brewing Company

John Stanton Brewing Company

The Stoll Brewing Company

Thomas Bottling Works Lion Brewery

Tupper Lake, NY antique beer bottles

Merkel & McCluskey Boss Lager

West End Brewing Company

Utica, NY antique beer bottles

C. Cammel Weiss Beer

The Eagle Brewing Company

Avery N. Lord Weiss Beer

Oneida Brewing Company

West End Brewing Company

Watertown, NY antique beer bottles

Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association

Watertown Brewing Company

Watertown Consumers Brewing Company

Watervliet, NY antique beer bottles

Hinckel Brewing Company's Sparkling Lager

Wayland, NY antique beer bottles

Schwarzenbach Brewing Company

White Plains, NY antique beer bottles

George J. Franz Weiss Bier

Williamsburgh, NY antique beer bottles

Henry Pieper Lager Beer

Williamsville, NY antique beer bottles

Amherst Brewery Lager Beer

Erie County Brewing Company

Yonkers, NY antique beer bottles

Biegens Dobbs Ferry Lager Beer

Charles Krafft Weiss Bier

David H. Smith Weiss Beer